Republican leaders need to denounce Trump now

Republican leaders need to denounce Trump now

Tell Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell: Denounce Trump and his history of sexual assault.
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    In the past 48 hours, seven women have come forward and shared their stories of being sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. As one woman, Jessica Leeds, described him, "He was like an octopus. His hands were everywhere."

    No one who treats women this way should be President, and it's a pattern for Trump. Since the tape of Trump bragging about sexual assault became public, Republican leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have been under intense scrutiny for publicly condemning Trump's behavior while continuing to support his candidacy. Countless Republicans have already abandoned Trump--but with Ryan's and McConnell's support, this sexual predator still has a shot at the White House.

    If enough people speak up now, Ryan and McConnell will buckle under the pressure--and without the party leadership's support, Trump could lose all endorsements from across the Republican Party. Can you add your name today?