The Democrats need to do better. A LOT better.

The Democrats need to do better. A LOT better.

Tell the Democrats in Congress: 

We need you to fight A LOT harder to stop Trump and his hate filled agenda.
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    Democrats need to do better. A LOT better.

    We're only on day 7 of Trump's administration and he's already taken sweeping action to restrict abortion, attack immigrants, start his plans to ban Muslims, and even silence federal agencies.

    And how have Democrats responded? By letting Trump's cabinet sail through. Fifteen Senate Democrats voted for Trump's pro-torture CIA pick, Mike Pompeo. And yesterday, two true progressive champions voted in favor of Ben Carson--who has no relevant experience--to run the federal housing agency.

    This is unacceptable. And it's simply not going to be good enough to protect us from very real threats in the next four years.

    We as citizens are doing our part. We're marching and protesting in unprecedented numbers. We're calling our congress members. We're speaking out. Why won't the Democrats fight as hard as us?

    Now--with just days to go before Trump names his nominee for the Supreme Court--is the time to send a clear message: Democrats, we need you to fight harder, starting now. Will you sign the petition?