Stop the racist presidential debate topic

Stop the racist presidential debate topic

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    Stop the racist presidential debate topic

    Tell the Presidential Debate Commission:

    Stop the racist fear-mongering

    Why is this important?

    Trump and Joe Biden will face off on the debate stage, and millions of Americans will tune in. The debate is supposed to be a neutral, nonpartisan ground for candidates to inform voters on their stances.

    But in the midst of a global outcry over the murders of Black people, the organizer of the debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates, has already sided with Trump's anti-Black racism.

    Fox News' Chris Wallace will moderate tomorrow's debate, and he and the commission announced last week that a debate topic will be "Race and Violence in our Cities." This is a classic anti-Black dog whistle, playing into white supremacist narratives that equate Blackness with violence. We aren't surprised to hear this coming from Fox News, but the debate commission--which is supposed to be nonpartisan--recklessly legitimized it as an official debate topic.

    We can't let anti-Blackness be the official framework for our national debates.

    Every institution is responsible for intervening in this deadly narrative. By approving Wallace's racist narrative, the debate commission has recklessly legitimized anti-Blackness and sided with right-wing extremism.

    It's on all of us to keep pushing forward–to keep demanding justice for Breonna and for all Black lives. 

    Tell the Commission on Presidential Debates: cut racist tropes from the debate framework.


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