Candy Crowley: Women deserve a voice in the next debate!

Candy Crowley: Women deserve a voice in the next debate!

Our message to Candy Crowley and the debate organizers:

Candy Crowley and Debate Organizers: Please include questions about Obama and Romney's positions on issues that impact women directly--like contraception, reproductive health care, pay equity and paid family leave. We're 52% of the population and deserve to know where the candidates stand on issues like these. We're disappointed that the first debate didn't mention a single one.

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    Zero. Zip. Zilch. That's the number of times women or women's issues came up in last night's debate. 

    Women are driving participation in this election. Women's issues--from access to affordable contraception and health care to pay equity--have dominated the political debate since February. And also, by the way, we are 52% of the population. And we deserve to have the candidates debate the issues that impact us directly.

    Time is short, but Candy Crowley and debate organizers are watching the coverage from this debate closely as they choose topics and questions for the next one. Focus groups from the debate are showing that women are frustrated--and we need to show Crowley and the rest of the debate organizers how many of us are demanding that issues we care about are included next time. Please sign the petition today.