Tell Congress: Stop the attack on women's health!

Tell Congress: Stop the attack on women's health!

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"Women deserve access to quality healthcare! Don't defund Planned Parenthood."

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    Tell Congress: Stop the attack on women's health!

    Birth control. Cancer screening. STD testing. Prenatal care. GONE. 

    Extreme Republicans are moving quickly to pass bills eliminating Planned Parenthood funding permanently--ending all of these vital services for the 5 million women and men nationwide who depend on public family planning providers every year. It's especially heinous considering Planned Parenthood health centers are often the last resort for women seeking healthcare in low-income communities.

    This ruthless effort is not about taking down "the big abortion industry." What it really does is diminish women's access to quality healthcare:

    • One in five women in the U.S. has visited a Planned Parenthood health center at least once in her life--often a last line of defense for women in low-income communities who can't afford to see a private doctor.
    • Abortion only makes up about 3% of the extensive services offered by Planned Parenthood. By taking away these vital resources, women would lose access to simple services like birth control, yearly check-ups, STD testing, and prenatal care.  
    • And family planning providers like Planned Parenthood actually prevent more than 406,000 abortions each year.

    But we can win this. Despite the GOP's takeover of Congress, together we can take a stand against these outrageous attacks and send a message that the people won't back down when it comes to women's rights. Will you sign?