Congress: Stop gutting women's health

Congress: Stop gutting women's health

Our message to Congress

Voters are not going to let you get away with gutting women's health care. A woman's health care decisions are hers to make--politicians need to stay out of it.

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    Congress: Stop gutting women's health

    This week right-wing politicians are advancing another new law that would take away birth control coverage from women, cut off all funding to Planned Parenthood and allow doctors to refuse family planning care to their patients.

    Political insiders are saying that right-wing members of Congress are going to keep pushing this and similar bills because their goal is to win massive cuts to women's health programs in every budget negotiation of the year.

    And if we don't speak out, they'll get what they want. 

    But if enough of us rise up and push back against this effort we can make sure their plan backfires.

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