Tell AT&T: Stop Funding Voter Suppression

Tell AT&T: Stop Funding Voter Suppression

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    Tell AT&T: Stop Funding Voter Suppression

    Tell AT&T:

    Speak out against voter suppression laws and pledge to no longer fund anti-democracy politicians.

    Why is this important?

    Republican lawmakers across the country are racing to pass racist voter suppression laws in response to the incredible organizing by Black, Indigenous, and women of color, who helped flip states like Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania from red to blue in 2020.  

    And telecom giant AT&T is funding this voter suppression.

    AT&T has given millions to the Republican lawmakers in Congress who continued to support the Big Lie about the 2020 election that led to the violence and bloodshed at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. But while AT&T has tried to claim it will no longer give to the members of Congress who supported the insurrection, it has both continued to support the complicit Republican Party as a whole and to still fund state lawmakers who are rushing to erode our democracy with voter suppression laws. 

    AT&T has given nearly $600,000 to state Republican politicians in Texas who have been pushing through voter restrictions targeted at Black and brown communities over the last several years. These politicians, like Texas Governor Greg Abbott, are working double-time to ensure our votes do not count if they do not go the way the GOP wants.

    AT&T needs to feel the heat for its complicity in funding these anti-democratic politicians. We have seen how public pressure on companies works to force them to speak out against voter restriction laws.

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