Mancard!?! No thanks.

Mancard!?! No thanks.

Our message to Congress

"No one needs a weapon that was designed to kill and that is exactly what an AR-15 is. We need to ban assault weapons immediately--before any more children are killed."

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    Mancard!?! No thanks.

    "Consider your man card reissued." That's how Bushmaster Firearms advertised their AR-15 rifle--the semi-automatic rifle that gunned down 20 children in Newtown in December. Shortly after, a Bushmaster AR-15 was used to murder two first responders in New York. It was also used by the DC snipers in 2004. The same rifle by a different manufacturer was used in the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting.

    Guns like this have no place in our society. But Democrats and Republicans alike are running away from legislation that would take these off the streets. If we don't rise up, the window to ban weapons of mass murder, like the AR-15, could quickly close. 

    Yesterday, the CEO of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, is testifying before Congress to persuade politicians to oppose any gun safety laws. That's why every member of Congress needs to hear from all of us right now.