Our ads were rejected

Our ads were rejected

Tell airports in Kentucky, North Carolina, Louisiana, Ohio, Nevada, and Florida:

Women deserve to know the facts. Stop censoring ads that simply tell the truth about statistics that affect women in America.
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    UltraViolet is running billboards in airports across America so that visitors know how each state ranks when it comes to women. The ads just give information--plain facts--like the fact that women in Louisiana are paid only $.67 for every dollar men are paid or the fact that day care in North Carolina costs more than average college tuition.

    But the airports are saying these ads are too political--if these airports and states don’t like their record when it comes to women and equality, they should change their policies--not censor ads that are purely factual.

    Here's the most infuriating part--alcohol companies have been pouring millions into a initiative to attract more women in airports and some airports even allow machine gun ranges to advertise. But a billboard with state facts is deemed too controversial?

    And it might even be illegal! In the past, the American Civil Liberties Union has successfully sued airports that refused to post advocacy advertisements.

    But right now, airport ad executives feel protected by other airports that are rejecting the ads, too. That can change. If thousands of us speak out now, we can show these airports in Kentucky, North Carolina, Louisiana, Ohio, Nevada, and Florida that people know the truth and won't accept censorship. Will you sign the petition to these airports demanding they allow our ads?