Stop funding sexual harassment

Stop funding sexual harassment

Tell Lexus, Jenny Craig, Rachael Ray, and other companies

Don't support a serial sexual harasser. Pull all your ads from The O'Reilly Factor.
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    Stop funding sexual harassment

    News broke this weekend that hate-spouting Fox News has been paying millions over the years to silence at least five women who were sexually harassed by the network's top anchor, Bill O'Reilly.

    Fox News is refusing to take action, so big name companies like Mercedes, Hyundai, and BMW pulled all their ads from his show, The O'Reilly Factor. And now, other companies that advertise on The O'Reilly Factor like Lexus, Jenny Craig, and celebrity chef Rachael Ray are under lot of scrutiny for supporting a known sexual harasser with their advertising dollars.

    This may be what finally takes down O'Reilly, who has been abusing women and facing zero consequences for years. If we speak out right now, while both media and the public are paying attention, we can pressure companies to pull their ads and make this hurt for O'Reilly and Fox News. Will you add your name?


    Photo cred: Justin Hoch