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Abortion Justice Now!

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    Abortion Justice Now!

    Tell your representative: Support the Abortion Justice Act!

    Why is this important?

    One year ago, the Supreme Court callously overturned 50 years of precedent and set our fundamental rights back decades in the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. Since then, we’ve fought for abortion freedom in the streets, at the ballot box, and across the country in our communities. 

    Now we are also fighting back in Congress with a visionary piece of legislation that will not only restore access to abortion care, but expand it. Support the Abortion Justice Act!

    We know that building back access to abortion care will take time. But it’s important at each step that we show resounding support for proactive abortion legislation at all levels. 

    The Abortion Justice Act, introduced by Representative Ayanna Pressley, will:

    • Protect providers and patients, including immigrants, from criminalization;
    • Increase access to medication abortion;
    • Invest in abortion clinic infrastructure;
    • Bolster training for future abortion care providers;
    • And ensure abortion care is covered by insurance.

    Roe was never enough; it was always the floor, not the ceiling, for abortion freedom. While we fight back to gain protections nationwide, we must also use this opportunity to fully imagine and organize an even better world for access, reproductive freedom, and justice than what we had under Roe.

    Ready to join the fight for this transformative bill? Sign the petition. 

    This bill will ensure that anyone seeking care will be able to get it when they need it, where they need it, and without worry about cost or insurance denials. This will be transformative for young people, people of color, Indigenous people, poor people, undocumented people, and LGBTQ+ people, who already face massive barriers to care. It will also help us build infrastructure and networks of care in areas traditionally underserved, like rural communities. 

    We know the road to true abortion freedom is long. This bill is not likely to pass this year. But it's important that we speak out for it now to build momentum and show our leaders abortion is not just an election-year issue, but an all-the-time issue.

    Join us! Tell your representative: Support abortion justice.



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