Yahoo: Stop profiting from ads that mislead and lie to women!

Yahoo: Stop profiting from ads that mislead and lie to women!

Tell Yahoo:

"Right now, 'crisis pregnancy centers' (CPCs) and anti-choice organizations are running ads on Yahoo's site to deceive your users. These ads violate your terms of service. These ads use the search term 'abortion clinic' when they don’t provide those services.

Google has already disapproved many CPC ads that are deceptive. We know that Yahoo also places a high priority on making sure advertising on its site is accurate and provides the Yahoo community with a good user experience. Please take appropriate steps to stop CPCs and organizations that oppose abortion from misusing your advertising platform."

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    Yahoo: Stop profiting from ads that mislead and lie to women!

    Victory! Less than 48 hours after the UltraViolet petition launched, Yahoo agreed to remove ads that mislead and lie to women concerning abortion clinics. Thanks to the over 26,000 UltraViolet members who took action!

    Yahoo is profiting from ads that mislead and lie to women, and it has to stop.

    As you read this, women are searching for "abortion clinics" on Yahoo. But the majority of the ads they'll get are for anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and groups that oppose abortion. In reality, CPCs are predatory organizations that lure women in to tell them dangerous lies--that they will get cancer or become suicidal if they get an abortion--or even to dissuade them from using birth control.

    But if tens of thousands of us speak out now, we can make it stop. We have before--Google just took down a slew of deceptive CPC ads. Its move puts pressure on Yahoo to follow suit. Yahoo has advertising policies to prevent this kind of deception, and they need to enforce them. Billions of people use Yahoo each month, and if we don't take action, the tens of thousands of women who search for abortion counseling will be subjected to lies and deception.

    That's why we’re joining with NARAL Pro-Choice America to call on Yahoo to enforce its policies and take down ads that mislead and lie to women. Can you sign the petition?