Tell Congress: Don't let Trump sabotage health care

Tell Congress: Don't let Trump sabotage health care

Tell Congress:

"Stop Trump's reckless plan to rip affordable health care away from millions of families. Appropriate funds for cost-sharing reduction now."
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    URGENT: Trump is sabotaging our health care, and his latest actions could make ALL of our premiums go up.

    Last week he made the reckless decision to cut off funding that helps make health care affordable for low- and middle-income people. This funding helps seven million families afford their deductibles and co-pays. Without the funding, the entire market will be thrown into chaos, with everyone's premiums set to skyrocket by at least 20%.

    The good news is that there's already bipartisan agreement in Congress to fix this. Trump's decision to jack up premiums for all of us is a very real political liability for Republicans who don't want to be blamed for skyrocketing premiums. Dozens of moderate House Republicans, including many who voted for Trumpcare, recently introduced legislation to keep providing this funding. We need to act now--before premiums start going up and health care becomes unaffordable. Can you add your name to tell Congress it's on them to ensure millions of families can afford health care?