Texas is lying to pregnant women

Texas is lying to pregnant women

Tell the Texas Department of State Health Services:

"Withdraw your 24-page abortion pamphlet full of lies and replace it with a medically accurate, unbiased version."

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    The state of Texas is lying to pregnant women. Days after the Supreme Court struck down its draconian abortion law, Texas' anti-woman officials are at it again.

    Texas requires abortion providers hand out a pamphlet to patients. It's 24 pages of medically inaccurate information, including claims that abortion is linked to breast cancer, infertility, and suicide. It also misleads patients by describing abortion, an extremely safe procedure, as replete with gruesome complications.

    Pregnant women deserve medically accurate, objective information about their health decisions, not a biased pamphlet that only tells lies. But UltraViolet members have convinced health authorities to withdraw regulations before in states like Louisiana, and if we all speak out with one voice, we can make sure Texas patients get the full story. Can you sign the petition?