Tell NFL's Roger Goodell: Resign immediately

Tell NFL's Roger Goodell: Resign immediately

Tell NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell:

"Resign immediately. Your failure to take domestic violence seriously is outrageous."

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    Tell NFL's Roger Goodell: Resign immediately

    The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, has been caught in a despicable and disgusting lie and he must resign. He insisted that the NFL had asked for the hotel surveillance video of the horrific and brutal assault of Janay Rice, but had never seen it. However, after law enforcement officials sent the NFL the video in April--and the NFL even acknowledged receiving it--a NFL employee was even quoted saying, "It's terrible."

    And the new Mueller Report that came out in January 2015 scolds the NFL for taking no initiative to uncover the facts in the case. It goes on to list multiple communications that show Goodell was informed by his staff of what really happened inside the elevator, and knew about what really happened prior to his shocking decision to suspend Rice for only two games.

    It's not just about Rice--55 cases of abuse have gone unanswered on Goodell's watch. It completely undermines the NFL's credibility. Calls for Goodell's resignation are mounting--it's time for him to go. Will you sign the petition?

    Photo Credit: "Roger Goodell NFL Commissioner Press Conference Spring League Meeting 2014" by Zennie Abraham, CC BY-ND 2.0