Sign the letter: Princeton Review Must Include This

Sign the letter: Princeton Review Must Include This

Sign the letter to the editors of the Princeton Review

To the Princeton Review:

We are writing as survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones who want to put an end to the epidemic of rape on campus. With 55 schools under federal investigation for mishandling sexual assault on their campuses, it's evident that it's a widespread problem. 

Every year, hundreds of thousands of high school seniors consult your guides before deciding where to apply, and ultimately where to go to college. They deserve to know if the schools they pick have a rape problem. Right now, Princeton Review is failing to share critical information about safety that students and parents need to make the right decisions. 

For too long, colleges and universities have been able to sweep sexual assaults on their campuses under the rug. It's time for that to end. As the go-to guide for college-bound students, the Princeton Review must include crucial information about how schools handle the epidemic of sexual assault and if they're working toward prevention. Students and parents alike look to you for accurate and complete information about what to expect from their college experience.  

Thank you for taking this problem seriously. We're counting on you to do your part to make campuses safer by bringing this issue into the open


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    Since Thursday, over 28,000 UltraViolet members have signed a petition calling on the Princeton Review to include sexual assault in its college rankings. The press has taken notice, and Princeton Review officials acknowledged that sexual assault on campuses is a problem. But words aren't good enough--now it's time for action. 

    We have the opportunity now, while the Princeton Review--and the media--is paying attention, to demand the college guide's editors do more than pay lip service to this problem and include sexual assault prevention and response in its ranking of colleges.

    A personal call to action by people impacted by sexual assault can send a powerful message that the Princeton Review won't be able to ignore. Princeton Review depends on prospective students and their parents as customers, so it won't risk alienating a large segment of its customer base that cares about the sexual assault crisis. That's why today, UltraViolet members who are survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones are signing on to an open letter demanding that the Princeton Review stop letting schools hide from rape on campus and start taking action. Will you co-sign the open letter?