Kansas City Royals: Stop lying about abortion

Kansas City Royals: Stop lying about abortion

Tell the Kansas City Royals:

Don't spread anti-abortion propaganda--cut ties with the Vitae Foundation.
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    Kansas City Royals: Stop lying about abortion

    Major League Baseball team Kansas City Royals just announced a new campaign to promote anti-abortion propaganda at their games and on their network of 60 radio stations.

    The team is partnering with the Vitae Foundation, a leader in the anti-abortion movement that is known for manipulating and lying to women who seek abortions, and promoting extreme anti-choice propaganda. Vitae's deceptive ads are so bad that they've already been pulled from one Kansas City radio station--yet the Royals signed up to broadcast them at games and over the airwaves. 

    The foundation's partnership with the Royals would be a significant boost for the organization's extreme anti-woman agenda. But we can stop it if we all speak out right away--will you add your name to this petition today?



    Photo credit: Keith Allison