Tell Congress: Impeach Kavanaugh

Tell Congress: Impeach Kavanaugh

Tell the Congress:

"We cannot allow a serial sexual abuser who lied under oath repeatedly to sit on the highest court in the nation. Impeach Kavanaugh now!"
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    Impeach Kavanaugh

    An explosive new investigation in the New York Times came out last weekend with yet another credible accusation of sexual assault against the Supreme Court Justice. The report also details new concrete evidence that Kavanaugh lied under oath during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Not once. Not twice. But literally dozens of times. 

    Now, outrage is growing and pressure is building on the House to move forward with impeachment proceedings. The House Judiciary Committee has the authority and responsibility to begin an investigation into the accusations of sexual assault and perjury--and hold Kavanaugh accountable. The good news is that if we can show enough public pressure to act, Democrats in the House might do it. That's why UltraViolet members are calling on Congress to launch impeachment investigations NOW–can you join them?