Sexual assault is none of the IRS's business

Sexual assault is none of the IRS's business

Tell the House and the Senate:

"Women's private medical records are none of the IRS's business. Victims of sexual violence should not have to recount their stories to satisfy the Tea Party's obsession with reproductive care. Stop H.R. 7."

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    The House passed legislation that could force survivors of sexual violence to tell their horrifying stories to...wait for it...Internal Revenue Service agents.

    That's because the bill sponsored by extremely anti-choice Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) requires women who needed abortion care and are also survivors of sexual violence to prove to IRS auditors that the assault occurred. What?!

    H.R. 7 passed the House Judiciary Committee and the House floor with extremists like Rep. Steve King (R-IA) voting for it. If we act now and collect enough signatures to show House leadership that this is not only offensive but also a huge waste of time, we can stop the legislation in its tracks--just like a grassroots outcry stopped efforts to redefine rape in 2011. If we speak out loudly now, we can send a message to politicians that bills like this won't win over women voters, and we can stop this outrageous law in its tracks.