This'll bring back birth control

This'll bring back birth control

To the Department of Health and Human Services:

"I support the proposed federal rule that will restore access to birth control coverage for the tens of thousands affected by the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision. Please approve it as soon as possible."

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    We’ve got a huge opportunity to fix the Supreme Court’s outrageous Hobby Lobby decision, and DON'T need Congress to get it done. But the deadline to make it happen is October 22nd, so we ALL need to speak up right away.

    The Obama administration announced plans to restore birth control to tens of thousands who lost it when the Court sided with corporations over women. But there's one huge catch: nothing will be done until after a public comment period which ends in just a few weeks.

    Together with our friends at Planned Parenthood, we've collected nearly 50,000 comments. But we know anti-birth control extremists like Hobby Lobby and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops are going to fight it tooth and nail. That's why it's critical that pro-birth control, pro-women advocates are heard in this process. What's more, the math adds up: just a minute of your time to type one comment adds up to literally thousands of dollars every woman will save on co-pays in just one year.

    Can you submit a comment and help us get over 50,000? Click here to add yours, and we will hand-deliver it on October 14th along with those from other UltraViolet members.