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AT&T Funding Texas Abortion Ban!

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    AT&T Funding Texas Abortion Ban!

    Tell AT&T:

    Speak out against the Texas abortion ban and pledge to STOP funding anti-abortion politicians once and for all.

    Why is this important?

    This is a red alert from Texas: S.B.8, the law that bans abortion at just six weeks of pregnancy and puts bounties on anyone who may have helped someone access abortion care has gone into effect in Texas after the Supreme Court refused to stop it in a dastardly 5-4 decision under the cloak of night. Abortion has been virtually banned in Texas. And AT&T funded the politicians who passed this bill.

    This horrifying law is perhaps the most far-reaching anti-abortion law ever. The law essentially bans abortion by restricting abortion after six weeks, before many people even know they are pregnant. But that's not all.

    Under this law, anyone who "aids or abets" an abortion could face legal consequences, including a friend or family member who gives a woman a ride to a clinic, or abortion care providers who provide non-medical services.

    AT&T: Speak out against this dangerous law and pledge to STOP funding anti-abortion politicians once and for all.

    It gets worse: Anti-abortion extremists are getting ready to move through similar laws in other states in the South and Midwest. Now, with the blessing of the Supreme Court. The implications for abortion rights, and so many other rights, are vast and dire.

    How do these extreme laws keep getting introduced and passed? Mega-corporations like AT&T, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, hold massive power and fund anti-women candidates. The #ReproReceipts compiled by UltraViolet show that AT&T has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to sponsors of this law, including state Representative Jeff Leach. AT&T gave Rep. Leach $15,000 in 2020. That is big bucks in a state-level race and often can mean the difference between a candidate winning or losing. In fact, AT&T supported four of the five primary sponsors of this law in 2020, according to internal UltraViolet research. 

    If AT&T feels consumer heat for funding the politicians behind this law, we might be able to force AT&T to speak out against the law and stop funding the extremist politicians behind it. 

    Can you help us? Sign the petition telling AT&T to stand against anti-women laws and stop funding anti-choice politicians!

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