Google lied to you

Google lied to you

Tell Google:

"Keep your word. Take down ads that intentionally lie to women seeking information about abortion."
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    Google is putting vulnerable women in danger.

    Two years ago, under pressure from our allies at NARAL, Google agreed to take down a slew of ads from "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs) -- fraudulent medical centers that lure women in to harass them out of seeking an abortion.

    But like these centers themselves, Google lied. UltraViolet members and staff just uncovered more of these ads across four states -- and two million women a month who search "abortion" or "abortion clinic" are seeing them.

    Google is helping trick women in vulnerable positions who end up wasting their time and money to be lured into false clinics where they are harassed, yelled at, and lied to. But public pressure has led Google to enforce its honest advertising policies before -- we can make them do it again. Can you sign the petition?