Tell Netflix: Speak Up for Women

Tell Netflix: Speak Up for Women

Tell Netflix:

"Support women. Boycott Georgia until the dangerous abortion ban, HB 481, is vetoed or repealed."
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    Georgia Capital

    Georgia is on our mind---for all of the wrong reasons.

    Here's the deal: the Georgia legislature just passed a dangerous anti-choice bill. It would ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, before most people even know they are pregnant. This bill is immoral, geared completely at trying to control women's bodies and, if implemented, would force women to carry a pregnancy they may not want, or force them into seeking out unsafe abortions.

    This is an emergency, but we can fight back with help from an unlikely ally: Netflix. Netflix brings in millions of dollars to Georgia each year by filming in the state. Netflix, as a big corporation that cares a ton about its public image, also has a history of boycotting states that pass awful laws. In fact, Netflix continues to boycott North Carolina over its anti-trans bathroom bill. 

    If enough of us speak out now and demand Netflix stop doing business in Georgia, we can create the pressure needed to stop or repeal this dangerous abortion ban. Will you add your name?