Drop Tucker Carlson and Fox News!

Drop Tucker Carlson and Fox News!

Tell Jenny Craig, Bayer, and any company that advertises on Fox News:

"Stop supporting dangerous racism and misogyny. Drop Tucker Carlson and Fox News now!"
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    Fox News host Tucker Carlson is a dangerous racist and sexist.

    This past weekend, radio interviews Carlson did from 2006-2011 were uncovered and they are horrifying. In these interviews, Carlson defended child rapists, called women "pigs" and "whores," and Iraqis "semiliterate primitive monkeys," made sexual comments about underage girls, and described "diversity" as the modern Jim Crow among other repugnant sexist and racist remarks. His words are inexcusable, but this rhetoric isn't new from Carlson or other Fox News personalities.

    Fox News has long made clear that it embraces this type of anti-woman, racist rhetoric--but its advertisers are another story. Companies like Jenny Craig, Bayer, and more advertise during Tucker Carlson's show, funding his hate-mongering -- all the while relying upon millions of women customers, and a good public image, to make billions. These companies need to see that their customers will not continue to support them if they continue to sponsor anti-women racists like Carlson and Fox. 

    If thousands of people speak up now while there is a spotlight on this latest controversy with Carlson, we can force Fox News' biggest advertisers and sponsors to pull their ads, dealing a massive financial blow to the network.

    Will you sign our petition demanding advertisers like Bayer, Jenny Craig, and many others pull their support from Tucker Carlson and Fox News?