A blurry cell phone image of a person with a droopy belly. The hands holding it had typed "You're fat."

Tell Meta, TikTok, and X: Ban #DignifAI and stop profiting from online harassment!

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    Tell Meta, TikTok, and X: Ban #DignifAI and stop profiting from online harassment!

    The petition to Meta, TikTok, and X reads:

    #DignifAI is a campaign that is aimed at shaming, harassing, and reducing women to sexual objects by manipulating their images without their consent. We urge you to ban #DignifAI content immediately and stop promoting and profiting from platforms that supercharge harassment of women and girls online. 

    Why is this important?

    The same 4chan community responsible for creating disturbing AI-generated nonconsensual nude images of Taylor Swift earlier this year has launched a new campaign using AI to shame us and police our bodies. And they're using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to spread this misogynistic campaign.

    The goal of the #DignifAI campaign is to remove our autonomy by using "the power of AI" to "clothe" women in photos, "purify them of their tattoos," and "lengthen their skirts." In their posts, users link to tutorials demonstrating how to use AI for this purpose and include instructions to share the names of the women they feed into the AI program, as well as any social media handles, so they can engage in targeted humiliation of them.

    Online white nationalists with large followings have played a major role in amplifying this campaign across social media networks. Now posts of this nonconsensual AI content are flooding Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, resulting in millions of views and thousands of comments cheering on our harassment and reduction to sexual objects.

    Whether it's using AI to add clothes or take them off of us, no one has a right to manipulate and police our bodies online.

    Sign the petition to tell Meta, TikTok, and X to ban body-shaming #DignifAI content!

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