Dartmouth: Sexual Assault is serious. Treat it that way.

Dartmouth: Sexual Assault is serious. Treat it that way.

Tell the Dartmouth administration:

"The crisis of sexual assaults on campus must be stopped. Take student recommendations seriously and expel rapists, list rape as a punishable offense and expulsion as the preferred punishment in the student handbook, and block access to the 'rape guide' on campus."

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    A Dartmouth student was sexually assaulted on campus just weeks after her name was posted to a "rape guide" on a website used by Dartmouth students--and she's not the first student to be targeted.

    Disturbingly, this also isn't the first time that Dartmouth has found itself in a very public controversy over its handling of campus rape cases. Last year, students disrupted an event for high schoolers interested in Dartmouth, and classes were cancelled because of threats against the protestors.

    Student groups have asked the school to list expulsion as the punishment for rape in the student handbook and to block campus internet access to the website where the "rape guide" was posted. But school authorities haven't taken any of these recommendations seriously.

    Usually, stories like this get little attention from the news media. But if all of us speak up, Dartmouth will have to take action. From Steubenville, Ohio, to Billings, Montana, UltraViolet members have stood up for sexual assault survivors and won justice. Now it's time to stand up for Dartmouth students.

    Will you sign the petition calling on Dartmouth to take students seriously and take action immediately to curb the sexual assault crisis?