These Democrats are sellouts

These Democrats are sellouts

Tell DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján:

"The right to choose is non-negotiable. Stop funding candidates who will vote to take that away from women."
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    These Democrats are sellouts

    The 2018 elections are a huge opportunity to block Trump's agenda going forward by electing a pro-woman majority in Congress. So why did Washington, D.C. Democratic Party leaders announce earlier this week they will fund anti-woman, anti-choice candidates?

    Women--especially women of color--are Democrats' core voting base: 94% of Black women voted for Secretary Clinton in 2016. Throwing women--who are on the frontline of Trump's dangerous presidency--under the bus to boost Republican-lite candidates is not just bad policy and an affront to our basic human rights, it is a losing electoral strategy.

    Right now--while there's still time to change course--is our best chance make sure Democratic Party leaders hear this loud and clear: selling out women in a desperate attempt to appeal to Trump voters is a bad strategy for the 2018 elections. Democrats should lean into their base--women and people of color--and work to inspire us, not throw us and their values out. Will you add your name?

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