Americorps caving to extremists?

Americorps caving to extremists?

Tell AmeriCorps:

"Reconsider your decision to end Community HealthCorps. Women and families need your help."

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    Anti-choice extremists are about to win their easiest victory ever--unless we all let AmeriCorps know we have its back. But with your signature, we can change that.

    Last month, AmeriCorps shut down its longest-running (two decades!) health care program, which has trained more than 7,300 health clinic workers. These workers provide HIV tests, asthma and diabetes education, and other vital health services for low-income patients at more than 200 clinics across 17 states and our nation's capital.

    But because six workers out of those 7,300 provided transportation and emotional support for a handful of abortion patients back in April, anti-choice extremists forced AmeriCorps to shut down the entire program.

    Now, millions of Americans will suffer because conservatives freaked out. But if we are louder, we can persuade the AmeriCorps brass to reverse their awful call. Can you sign the petition?