Amazon, risking women's health?

Amazon, risking women's health?

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"Don't reward states that play politics with women's health."
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    Amazon, risking women's health?

    Why are over half the locations on corporate giant Amazon's short list for its next headquarters in vehemently anti-woman, anti-abortion states?

    Cities have been going all out for months to attract Amazon and its projected 50,000 new jobs--a huge boon for local economies.

    But when the short list was released last month, it turns out that among the finalists are Ohio, which jails doctors who perform certain abortions; North Carolina, which has more than a dozen anti-choice laws; and Texas, ground zero of the right's effort to ban abortion. And that's just a few of them.

    Amazon prides itself on being a progressive, forward-thinking company, but choosing a location for its new headquarters that is openly hostile to women would be anything but. Right now, Amazon's search is being closely tracked by the press--so now is the time to speak up and demand that Amazon choose a pro-woman location for its new headquarters.

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