Tell Apple and Google: Ban misogynyistic racist Kick app from your store

Tell Apple and Google: Ban misogynyistic racist Kick app from your store

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    Tell Apple and Google: Ban misogynyistic racist Kick app from your store

    Tell Google and Apple Executives

    Why is this important?

    In just a few months since launching, the new social media streaming site Kick has already streamed porn, gambling, racist content, and Nazi imagery to children.1

    This new streaming site is popular in the Google and Apple app stores where any child with a tablet or smartphone can download and immediately have access to misogynist and racist content.

    One of the worst offenders is the popular video game player Adin Ross, who just streamed a bunch of porn and a video of his friend flashing his genitals to Ross's young followers. Ross is infamous for posting hate-fueled rants. He has asked his viewers to chant racial slurs with him, asked his followers to "act Black," made jokes about LGBTQ+ people, told another streamer to kill himself, made fun of sexual assault survivors, and said grossly misogynistic things about women. 2,3,4,5,6

    All of this content is against the Google and Apple app stores' terms of service companies are required to follow.

    So while the new app is still garnering the attention of the media and young boys, we have a limited opportunity to put a stop to the spread of its glorification of racist, misogynist content to children. We need to act fast to get the Kick app and its dangerous sexist influencers booted from the app stores.

    Kick was intentionally created to be a live-streaming site without rules. And even though the site has only been live for a couple of months, the results have already been disastrous.

    Ross is the site's biggest content creator, responsible for 12% of the site's traffic and Kick has a major contract with him worth $180 million.7,8 So Kick isn't about to remove Ross from their site. But his content is already inspiring others to engage in hateful behavior: In one of his live streams, his fans filled the chat with Nazi imagery and language.9 Ross also played porn videos on his page for boys as young as seven years old and when he was asked why he did that he said it was just to show off; that he could do it without being held accountable.10,11

    Kick may not have rules but the app stores for Google and Apple phones do have rules that apps are required to follow and we can use that to hold Kick and content creators like Adin Ross accountable by taking away access to huge audiences in the app stores.

    Add your name now to send a message to Google and Apple: Remove the misogynistic app "Kick" from your app stores.




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