Target: Do better for your Shipt workers!

Target: Do better for your Shipt workers!

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    UPDATE: Target had it's earnings call this month. The good news for Target? Profit is up 80% compared to previous years. The bad news for Shipt workers, whose deliveries for Target have increased 350% over the last year? Despite record profits, Target executives refuse to extend robust paid family and medical leave benefits to the very Shipt workers who are driving Target's profit. 

    The business case is clear: Shipt workers are driving Target's profit boom and deserve the same paid leave benefits as other Target workers and corporate Shipt employees. Both for the health of consumers and Shipt workers, Target must extend better paid leave benefits to Shipt workers.

    Now, we're turning up the pressure: Can you call Target corporate directly and say that, as a consumer, you demand Target put its workers' health first?

    Shipt workers are only eligible for paid leave if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 or put into a mandatory quarantine. And even then, they are only eligible to receive 50% of their pay for two weeks. 

    Target prides itself on being progressive, socially responsible, and a leader in employee satisfaction and treatment. But it continues to ignore the needs of a critical part of its workforce. That is why UltraViolet is working with PL+US (Paid Leave for the United States) and Shipt workers to amp up consumer pressure on Target to do the right thing and extend the same paid leave benefits to Shipt workers as it does to other Target employees. Join us in making sure that Target hears directly from consumers!

    Can you make a call?