Make a call for Chikesia Clemons

Make a call for Chikesia Clemons

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    A few weeks ago, you and thousands others signed a petition demanding justice for Chikesia Clemons--the young Black woman who, caught in a viral video, was brutalized and whose breasts were exposed by police officers in a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama.

    Clemons' community is still fighting hard with her, especially in the days leading up to her trial on June 21. And today, people from all over the country are calling the Saraland Mayor and City Attorney to demand they drop all charges against Clemons.

    The organizing the local community has done to push back against a criminal justice system that victimizes Black and Brown communities has been truly moving. To help make sure the City of Saraland drop these unjust charges against Clemons, will you join hundreds others in calling the Mayor and City Attorney now?

    NOTE: This is the number to Rutens's private practice. The receptionist might try to tell you it is the wrong number or direct you elsewhere, but this is the only direct line to Rutens. Try to be firm and let the office know you oppose Chikesia Clemons's charges.