Call your member of Congress: Don't repeal the ACA!

Call your member of Congress: Don't repeal the ACA!

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    House Republicans announced "Trumpcare" to replace the Affordable Care Act, and it's as bad as we feared.

    Medicaid no longer be required to cover benefits like maternity care and birth control--and the White House is pushing to expand that provision to ALL insurance plans. The 31 states that expanded Medicaid, along with our nation's capital, will be banned from enrolling new people. And patients on Medicaid will be BANNED from using it at a Planned Parenthood clinic--even if it's the only health care provider nearby.

    On March 13, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that if Trumpcare replaces the Affordable Care Act, 14 million MORE people will be uninsured in 2018 alone. Yet key House committees have already quickly passed Trumpcare. They're trying to push this through without giving it a full debate, hoping voters won't notice. Town hall meetings last month made GOP members nervous, and one last big push could stop this bill. Can you call your member of Congress?