Make the call: No honor for Baugh

Make the call: No honor for Baugh

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    Why is a local bar association in Montana HONORING a judge who was literally suspended for letting a rapist off the hook--and blaming the 14-year-old-victim? It's rape culture at its worst, and if enough of us speak out, we can stop it from happening.

    Since lawyers, local activists in Montana, and over 33,000 UltraViolet members asked the Yellowstone Area Bar Association to reverse its decision, local and national news coverage has been growing. But despite the backlash, the bar association is sticking to its guns. Now, we have to turn up the pressure by calling the President directly. Can you call Jessica Fehr, President of the Yellowstone Area Bar Association, and tell her to reverse the decision to honor Baugh?

    *Ask to speak with Jessica Fehr.