Equality at a Higher Freqency

Ultraviolet: Equality at a Higher Frequency

We want a woman to moderate a Presidential debate!

Did you know that it's been more than 20 years since a woman has moderated a presidential debate?

Three high school students, Emma, Sammi and Elena, are hoping to fix that. And you can help.

They've started a petition on Change.org asking the Presidential Debates Commission, and President Obama's and Mitt Romney's campaigns to appoint a woman to moderate one of the upcoming presidential debates. It's totally taking off and starting to attract media attention--but they need more voices with them.

Can you join their call by signing the petition below? In a few days, we'll deliver our petitions to the decision-makers--along with the petitions that the students who started this collected—so we want to get as many voices behind us as possible.

Our message to the Commission on Presidential Debates, Obama for America and Mitt Romney for President:

"Please appoint a woman to moderate at least one of the upcoming presidential debates. Women will never be truly equal in our country until they're in powerful positions in media and politics."