You Won't Believe What Rush Limbaugh's Bosses Just Did

You Won't Believe What Rush Limbaugh's Bosses Just Did

Our message to Clear Channel:

"A media corporation has no right to get between a woman and her access to health care information. Stop blocking women's access to basic information about our health. Put South Wind Women's Center's ads back on the air."
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    Clear Channel--the largest owner of AM and FM radio stations, including the ones that carry Rush Limbaugh's show--just booted ads for a women's health care clinic in Kansas, calling them "indecent" and "divisive."

    What's indecent? Absolutely nothing--these ads are straightforward promotions of available health care for women. But apparently Clear Channel thinks that ads stating that a clinic offers "highly qualified gynecologists" and "trusts women to make the best decisions for themselves" is too divisive.

    We cannot let a media corporation get between a woman and her right to critical health information. If thousands of us speak out quickly, we can help generate a national media firestorm and Clear Channel will be forced to respond. Will you sign the petition telling Clear Channel to put South Wind’s ads back on the air and stop blocking Kansas women’s access to health care information?