Pass the Violence Against Women Act Now!

Pass the Violence Against Women Act Now!

Our message to Congress

It is shameful that the Violence Against Women Act has still not been reauthorized. No one—gay, straight, man, woman, immigrant or not—should be denied protections from domestic abuse. Pass the expanded VAWA now! 

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    Time is running out for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). If Congress fails to act this year--which could happen if we don't speak out--shelters, hotlines and other critical services could run out of money in the next few months.

    Earlier this year, a bipartisan majority of Senators passed a VAWA reauthorization bill that would have expanded protections to some of the most vulnerable communities, including LGBT, immigrant and Native American populations. Conservatives in the House not only blocked it--they took the unprecedented step of rolling back protections that have been on the books for years. 

    Now conservatives in the House are facing increased pressure to do the right thing and vote on the Senate version. Can you tell Congress to pass the expanded Violence Against Women Act right away?