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Submit your comment to the Facebook Oversight Board

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    Submit your comment to the Facebook Oversight Board

    In the wake of the white supremacist insurrection in Washington, D.C, on January 6, we saw a sea change in how social media platforms were dealing with people spreading lies about the election, Donald Trump being chief among them. After years of organizing by civil rights groups, who were warning about just such a real-world attack, social media platforms finally took action. Facebook suspended Trump's account, removing his access to a platform for spreading lies and inciting violence.

    The impact of these actions was immediate: Since Trump's removal from social media sites, disinformation about the election plummeted 73%. But now, the Facebook oversight board is taking up a review of the suspension, which may lead to Trump being allowed back on the platform to spread more lies, in clear violation of Facebook's own policies.

    You've spoken out in the past to demand Facebook take action against disinformation--can you take a moment today to share a comment with the Facebook oversight board demanding Facebook sustain Trump's ban from the platform?

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