Have you been sexually harassed at NBC?

Have you been sexually harassed at NBC?

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    UltraViolet is seeking stories from employees at NBC who have experienced harassment. 

    Last week, NBC released the results of an internal investigation claiming that executives played no part in enabling Matt Lauer for years of sexual harassment. Now, they are refusing to address accusations against longtime anchor Tom Brokaw. We know there is more to the story.1

    The lack of formal complaints at a company doesn't indicate the absence of harassment--more often than not, it's a sign that women are being silenced.2 Survivors of harassment and assault often fear that if they speak up they will not be believed, their reports won't result in any consequences, or they will face retaliation.3 We must hold companies like NBC accountable to proactively develop equitable work cultures that make it easy for women to report, and that take action immediately when they do.

    That's why UltraViolet wants to hear from current and former NBC employees. If you have experienced harassment at NBC and choose to share your story, we can let you know if other people have shared a similar story and connect you with reporters to amplify your experience and organize for change at NBC.

    And if you're interested, we can connect you with legal services through the TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund. The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, which is housed at and administered by the National Women’s Law Center, connects those who experience sexual misconduct including assault, harassment, abuse and related retaliation in the workplace or in trying to advance their careers with legal and public relations assistance.

    Please note: UltraViolet won't share your name or story with anyone until we are in touch and have your express permission to do so.




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