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Thank you, Wendy Davis

Something amazing is happening in Texas. And Wendy Davis is a national hero.

Yesterday morning, Senator Wendy Davis, a Fort Worth Democrat, launched a herculean effort to block one of the most restrictive anti-abortion bills in the country bill from becoming law. She filibustered the bill by speaking on the Senate floor for nearly 12 hours to delay the vote until after the special session closed--she couldn't break for food, water, or even to use the bathroom. And she succeeded! The bill has been tabled for now.

When a champion like Sen. Davis stands up for women--especially in a state as hostile to women's health as Texas--we need to stand up for her, too. Can you sign on to our thank you card to Sen. Davis?

Your message to Senator Wendy Davis:

“Thank you, Senator Wendy Davis, for fearlessly defending women in Texas and beyond.”

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