"Inclusive" Starbucks and Nike pay rent to white supremacy

"Inclusive" Starbucks and Nike pay rent to white supremacy

To Starbucks and Nike:

Reject Donald Trump and his embrace of white supremacists. End your leases at Trump Tower and other properties.
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    "Inclusive" Starbucks and Nike pay rent to white supremacy

    UPDATE: Nike just dumped Trump. With Nike out, that's one down, one more to go.

    This victory is in part thanks to tens of thousands of UltraViolet members who took swift action earlier this year to demand Nike and Starbucks end their Trump Tower leases.

    We can't let this momentum go to waste. While this news is still making rounds and Starbucks is paying attention to Nike's exit, will you sign the petition to get Starbucks to end its lease in Trump Tower?

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    The President of the United States is defending white supremacists and neo-Nazis. This is a national emergency and accountability is critical.

    The most important thing to Trump is his money and business ties. Yesterday was a bad day for him as dozens of his business councils rebuked then abandoned him.

    But that's not enough. Starbucks and Nike--both companies that seek to profit off of a progressive and inclusive brand--have stores in Trump Tower in New York City. They have likely paid millions of dollars in rent to Trump over time--money that has given him a platform to spew hate for years.

    That needs to stop now. If there's a line where everyone should agree that business cannot go on as usual, it's when Trump starts propping up white supremacists and Nazis. Will you sign the petition to Starbucks and Nike?