Shot for refusing sex

Shot for refusing sex

Your message to Attorney General Greg Abbott:

"The recent court decision to let Ezekiel Gilbert walk after he murdered a woman who refused to have sex with him sets a dangerous precedent. Texans and all Americans need you to weigh in and clarify--nobody should be shot or killed for refusing to have sex, no matter the circumstances."

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    A court in Texas just exonerated a man who shot and killed a woman who had refused to have sex with him. She's dead, and he will serve no time at all.

    Here’s what happened: Ezekiel Gilbert shot and killed a Craigslist escort after she left without having sex with him. His lawyer argued that since he had paid her $150 for the evening, he was justified under Texas law in shooting her because state law allows people “to use deadly force to recover property during a nighttime theft."

    The precedent this case sets is dangerous. A woman is NEVER required to have sex with a man if she doesn't want to. Ever.

    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott can issue an opinion clarifying that nobody can be shot for refusing to have sex. As the state’s chief legal official, his opinion will influence elected and legal officials and could help save lives in the future.

    Will you sign the petition asking Attorney General Abbott to clarify that women always have the right to say no to sex, no matter the circumstances?