Target's not-so family-friendly policy

Target's not-so family-friendly policy

Tell Target CEO Brian Cornell:

"Live up to your family-friendly brand and be better than Walmart. Expand Target's paid family leave policy to ALL employees to 12 weeks of fully paid leave."
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    Target's not-so family-friendly policy

    Did you know that Target, which boasts a family-friendly brand, provides employees who've just given birth just two weeks of paid leave? It's neither enough to recover from childbirth or medically advisable to keep a newborn away from her mother.

    This year, big companies like Starbucks, CVS Pharmacy, and Walmart caved to organized public pressure and are now allowing their employees meaningful paid time off to take care of their newborns. Combined, that's millions of people finally gaining access to essential parental leave time.

    If we push Target, the second largest retail employer in the United States, to follow, we can win paid family leave for hundreds of thousands more people--and not just salaried employees. And right now is a key time to pressure the company--Target's annual shareholder meeting is in just a few weeks.

    Target has repeatedly bowed to consumer pressure in the past. Years ago, UltraViolet members successfully pushed Target to raise its minimum wage to be better than its competitor, Walmart. If tens of thousands make noise about its appalling family leave policy, we can get Target to provide real family leave to hundreds of thousands of people across the country.