Don't let Jeff Sessions block survivors from getting asylum

Don't let Jeff Sessions block survivors from getting asylum

Tell the U.S. Department of Justice:

"Reject Sessions' hateful plan. Continue to grant asylum to refugees fleeing domestic and sexual violence."
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    Jeff Sessions

    Trump's attorney general, Jeff Sessions, wants to reverse a longstanding practice of granting asylum to refugees running from domestic and sexual violence.

    Over the years, vulnerable women have been given safe haven in the U.S. from horrifying violence abroad. Now, Sessions--who was deemed so racist by a Republican Senate in the 1980s that he was denied a federal judgeship--is "reviewing" these cases, claiming that immigrant women make "fake claims" of abuse.

    If Sessions doesn't get any pushback, he would be sending thousands of women back to potentially violent deaths. Women like "L.C.," who fled Honduras with her daughter after 16 years of being beaten and raped by her husband, and after being threatened with kidnapping by a powerful gang.

    But Sessions does not have the final say. This administration has repeatedly walked back decisions that have caused national outrage--it has rescinded cabinet nominees and unpopular rule changes. If a huge outcry breaks out in response to this racist, sexist, and plainly violent plan to turn away domestic and sexual violence survivors, we can stop this administration from going through with it.

    Will you add your name to protect survivors who need asylum?