TikTok has a Neo-Nazi problem

TikTok has a Neo-Nazi problem

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    TikTok has a Neo-Nazi problem

    Tell TikTok to end its extremist algorithmic bias to stop the spread of hate

    Why is this important?

    TikTok continues its reign as the most downloaded app, with 1 billion users worldwide. But TikTok is also teeming with hate and alt-right extremist content.

    TikTok is most popular among teens and tweens, and one-third of users are between 10 and 19 years old. We know that young people are impressionable. And TikTok knows that content that reels kids in and keeps them on the platform feeds the algorithm and lines its pockets. Extremist content creators have cracked the algorithm, figuring out tricks to increase the number of views for their hateful, misogynistic, racist, and xenophobic content. But we can and must demand an end to this manipulation and TikTok's extremist algorithmic bias

    TikTok already has policies in place to remove this dangerous and hateful content, but it must start enforcing them strictly. We're demanding TikTok commit to the following:

    1. Work with groups like UltraViolet to stop the spread of hate speech and actively work to counter extremism. 

    2. Provide transparency around its algorithm for both researchers and users. It must educate users on potential harms and risks associated with its algorithm.

    3. Prioritize data access to researchers and content creators to empower them to better understand, and help to counter hate and extremism on TikTok. 

    Will you join us in demanding TikTok end its extremist algorithmic bias to stop the spread of hate?

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