10 years in prison for exposing Steubenville?

10 years in prison for exposing Steubenville?

Your message to the U.S. Attorney and the Department of Justice:

"Deric Lostutter helped expose the rape of a teen girl that corrupt local authorities were trying to sweep under the rug. Your office should be thanking him, not charging him with a crime that carries a longer sentence than the rape itself. Don't prosecute Deric Lostutter."

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    "Hacker Who Helped Expose Steubenville Could Get More Prison Time Than The 2 Convicted Rapists."

    That's a real headline. And it's true.

    Deric Lostutter, also known as KYAnonymous, helped expose the now-infamous Steubenville, Ohio teen rape case and cover-up by uncovering and posting the photos and tweets from teens who witnessed the attack. Without his work, we don't know if Jane Doe would have ever received justice. Now, he’s facing 10 years in prison for his role in "hacking" and uncovering this awful crime--while the actual rapists will serve no more than 2 years.

    This is flat out wrong and outrage is building ever since news of this story broke on Friday. The U.S. Attorney and the Department of Justice could decide to not to prosecute him, reduce the charges, or take prison time off the table. Public pressure is what brought justice in Steubenville in the first place, and public pressure can help end this witch hunt against Lostutter. Can you sign the petition telling them that Lostutter is a hero, not a criminal?