Joe Rogan Has Got To Go

Joe Rogan Has Got To Go

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    Joe Rogan Has Got To Go

    Tell Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek: Stop the Spread of Disinformation and Remove "The Joe Rogan Experience"

    Why is this important?

    Spotify has an incredible number of podcasts, albums, and news available on its platform. But, Spotify has an issue with disinformation and extremism. The streaming service's No. 1 podcaster, with his own, exclusive multimillion-dollar deal, is none other than transphobic conspiracy theorist and disinformer, Joe Rogan.

    By giving a platform to Rogan, and his show "The Joe Rogan Experience," Spotify is handing a mic to an anti-vaxxer misogynist and his white-supremacist buddies to speak at length about their ideologies to the millions of listeners who come across the podcast everyday. 

    It's time Spotify listened to its users and our demands. Spotify must be a space for sharing ideas, stories, and music, not hate and bigotry. Sign on to demand Spotify remove "The Joe Rogan Experience" and implement policies explicitly banning hate, disinformation, and misogyny.

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