Keep it going, Spotify!

Keep it going, Spotify!

Tell Spotify CEO Daniel Ek:

Thank you for your leadership. Continue being a champion against sexual and gender violence and stop promoting all abusers on Spotify's service.
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    Keep it going, Spotify!

    The multi-billion dollar music streaming service, Spotify, has been making headlines after announcing it will stop promoting R. Kelly and XXXTentacion--two artists with violent histories of sexual and domestic abuse.

    That's huge. 

    The #MeToo reckoning has been slow to touch the music industry. But the people at Spotify just paved the way, following pressure from the #MuteRKelly campaign started by Black women in Atlanta and boosted by the #TimesUp campaign. Spotify, however, only scratched the surface--every music platform continues to promote several artists with abusive histories, like Chris Brown, Eminem, and members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to name a few.

    Executives at Spotify are listening closely to the public's reaction to its decision. If they hear from thousands of us right away, we can push them to go further. Will you join other UltraViolet members in asking the Spotify CEO to stop promoting all other abusers on Spotify's service?