Survivors to Sony Music: Cut ties with Dr. Luke

Survivors to Sony Music: Cut ties with Dr. Luke

Survivors' letter to Doug Morris and Sony Music Entertainment:

Doug Morris, Chief Executive Officer

Dear Mr. Morris,

We, as survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence--and their loved ones--write to ask you to take a stand against sexual assault and not renew Sony Music Entertainment's contract with accused rapist, Dr. Luke.

The very public and drawn-out legal battle between Sony Music and pop star and survivor, Kesha, has done nothing but demonstrate that Sony Music, under your leadership, values profit over stopping sexual assault and keeping vulnerable artists safe.

By continuing to work with Dr. Luke and forcing Kesha to either work with him or effectively end her career, you demonstrate to the world that the lives of countless people--1 in 4 women just on college campuses alone, in fact--who have been and will be sexually assaulted don't matter. No survivor should be forced to relive her trauma, yet Sony Music is legally requiring Kesha to work with her abuser. No rapist should be rewarded for his crime, yet Sony Music keeps Dr. Luke on its payroll.

None of us can afford this very public and tacit approval of sexual assault. Your association with Dr. Luke sends the message that sexual assault is a crime of no consequence, effectively encouraging this criminal epidemic. By keeping Dr. Luke and prioritizing his needs over Kesha's, you and Sony Music are saying you stand with rapists, not survivors.

For the sake of people who are or may be affected by perpetrators of violence, please free Kesha from contractual obligations to work with Dr. Luke and Kemosabe Records and end your contract with Dr. Luke.


Domestic violence survivors, sexual assault survivors, and their family and friends

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    Sony Music Entertainment has been in hot water for legally requiring one of its artists, Kesha, to continue working with her producer who she says raped her and abused her for years.

    This case is much bigger than the entertainment industry--the very public legal battle between Sony Music and Kesha shows we still continue to belittle sexual assault. That's why we--survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, as well as our loved ones--are speaking out, demanding that Sony cut ties with accused rapist: Dr. Luke.

    We've seen in past campaigns that pressure from those who have experienced violence creates accountability. That's why we are sending this letter to Sony Music Entertainment--as well as members of the media. Can you add your name?