Social Media Platforms: Protect women!

Social Media Platforms: Protect women!

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    Social Media Platforms: Protect women!

    The petition to Meta, X, YouTube, and TikTok reads:

    Please take appropriate steps to protect the rights of your users and the health of our democracy immediately.

    Why is this important?

    As we prepare for the most consequential election of the internet age, social media platforms must step up and take meaningful action to protect all cis and trans women online.

    We urge all social media platforms to immediately adopt the following guidelines well in advance of the 2024 national election:

    • Reinstate election-integrity policies and fully staff critical platform-integrity teams to ensure more efficient enforcement across languages.
    • Enforce rules against election lies and hate in political advertising, requiring human review of such ads, and label ads containing generative AI.
    • Require disclosure of AI-generated political content and prohibit the use of deepfakes in political ads; promote factual election content; and ensure generative AI products have usage policies around election-related content and are supported by adequate trust and safety teams.
    • Reduce the visibility and easy distribution of election-related content that has been flagged and is awaiting review.
    • Hold influencer, public figure, and political candidate accounts to the same moderation and enforcement standards as everyone else.
    • Improve transparency by requiring public disclosure of moderation and enforcement practices.

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